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Summer, Summer, Summer Time…

July 02, 2018

This year summer has been glorious – it’s been long, hot and mainly dry and while I know I should not complain it’s true that any extreme climatic conditions you’re not prepared for can be oppressive, especially for your hair.

I’ve had to be sure to take extra care of my wigs and sew-in weaves as any build up of dry dusty summer pollution and sweat will rob Luxeriva hair of its natural exuberance and make it look limp, especially when the temptation to reach for the straighteners to resolve every issue is so strong.

My top tips to stay looking fly and fresh this summer:

  1. Maintain a naturally healthy bouncy look by keeping the hair clean – a light shampoo followed by deep conditioning with your favourite products works wonders. And this is even more important if you'll be taking a dip in chlorinated pools or any saltwater.
  2. Apply minimal products during everyday styling do reduce build-up, this will also be great for your skin as you don’t want oils from your hair clogging up your pores and causing break outs – thank me later!
  3. Ensure hair is de-tangled daily – this will be a breeze as the hair doesn’t tangle easily but wearing a silk bonnet or head scarf indoors or storing your wig appropriately means you'll be well on your way to keeping things tangle-free!
  4. Before heat styling use a heat protector product that won’t leave a funny residue or build up, I’ve been using this Argan Oil protector as it's all natural and leaves the hair feeling so silky and smooth plus I really really like argan oil
  5. Refresh the style with a hair cut – don’t be afraid to spend a bit on a professional cut that will take your look up a notch; it’s those sequential investments that make the difference!

Oh, and please don’t forget to let everyone know where you bought your hair from! We’re proud of it and know you’ll be too :) 


Luxe Rose xxx

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