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2019 Hair Trends: Which One Is Your Favourite?

2018 saw the 1980s coming back in the first half of the year and modernism taking over by the end of year. BUT does that mean 2019 is going to be dominated by sharp cuts and colours? Well, yes to an extent but let’s find out what else will feature boldly throughout the year.


1. L.A. girls like beachy waves, or so I’ve been told… we like them in London too

Asymmetric bobs will always look edgy, loving these wavy bob hair extensions
Taraji's amazing asymmetric bob can be achieve using our body wave extensions, get two 8” bundles and an 8” closure if your hair is not relaxed and you don’t want to straighten it to blend in every day. We love this chocolate colour too… might just have to add this to our range soon, hmmm…

2. The highest of the ponytails. Why?

Because it looks epic. And fashion.

High ponytails can be achieved in different ways, you could even take clip in hair extensions and wrap around your natural ponytail for added volume and length

Sport a high ponytail like Kerry Washington knowing you’re bang on trend this year, have you tried using clip-ins to construct a ponytail before?

3. Accessories and all sorts of accessories.

Hair accessories brighten up any hairstyle, what do you wear with your hair extensions?

We love gold! And even more so when it’s punctuating our hair – think beads, bobby pins, clip…

4. Sleek, smart and sexy buns.

They are back and we love them.

Add a bun to finish off this classy natural look

And loving those waves too!

5. Fringes but with a different flow.

What do you call them? Bangs? Curtain Bangs?

This look can be achieved with body wave hair extensions

A fringe really does make you look very different so a great idea to try out in case you were looking for a drastic change of style

6. Jawline bob that looks sexy and classy.

And this is NOT only for straight hair. Yay curls!

Classic straight short bob wig with middle parting

Easily achieve this with 8” or 10” bundles and a middle part closure, or wait for us to stock bob wigs... yaaAAS!

7. Jawline Bob cut + bangs = even better for waves and the curls.

Short wavy bob with fringe

Reminds me of that Beyonce cut… kinda cute in a way

8. The long braid. Can your hair touch the ground?

Long ponytail braid hair extension

Pro Tip: Use hair extensions hehe. This does make for an undeniably striking look.

9. Pixie with a crown for the cuteness.

Short pixie bob with straight Brazilian hair extensions

Yes! I would start out with two 8” bundles in the body wave or straight Brazilian hair extensions and have these cut by someone who knows how to cut hair, a classic example of when getting hair extensions allows you to go shorter instead of longer!

10. A good wet look will forever be striking.

Wet look deep wave hair extensions

This is one of my favourite looks to be honest, I’m in love with the deep wave at the moment and that takes to the wet look style so well you’ll just be adding water and product to your hair for no reason. For a short bob like the one on Teyana Taylor I would go with the two deep wave 8” bundles and an 8" deep wave frontal.


I tend to wear wavy styles when I know I’ll be busy as they’re the easiest to maintain – comb and add a curl activator to really define the wave and BANG! I'm winning. What's your favourite?


Let us your thoughts & if there's anything you'd like to see added to the store please leave a comment below!

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Lyla Peterson
Lyla Peterson

September 24, 2019

I really like the curtain bang trend. It’s a great way to frame your face without the harsh look of straight across bangs. This is definitely a style I am considering for myself.

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