January 18, 2020

The Quest For Long Lasting Curls


It’s that cute guy and he’s asked you out and you want to look your best even if the two of you end up spending the evening in a dimly lit room. Your hair is your crown and you wear it well, but tonight calls for something special. You know your hair curls easily, but how will you be able to make it hold curls for what could be an extremely late night?


It’s okay ladies!


If you follow these tips on how to make curls last, you should be fine.


By the way, these tested tips are as effective for adding curls to your hair for a new, springy look for the office, to give yourself a slight boost of self-esteem or to show someone in your social circle that you still have what it takes to get your hair looking like it did when you were a teen.


Disclaimer: by following these tips you will learn tricks, shortcuts and essential steps on how to add curls and how to make them last for a long time. Keep these secrets to yourself as they are as valuable as gold.


1 – Pump Up The Volume


Sure, you can take that a couple of ways. Crank up the tunes but you still have to use the correct procedure for adding volume to your hair. Essentially, it requires two steps.


Step 1 – Shampoo and Conditioner


Here’s a bit of science for you. Curls last longer when your hair is light so shampooing it removes dirt and grime that can weigh it down. Use a light shampoo and conditioner.


Step 2 – Blow Dry Afterwards


Your blow dryer will add volume to your hair but not if you use it the way your usually do. Use a diffuser on the blow dryer and aim it at your hair while standing bent over so that your mane hangs down, or focus on the roots. You’ll thank us later for this amazing and simple trick to pump up the volume.


2 – Texture Counts


When you use the right products your hair will respond as you want it to. This sometimes means having to spend a little more for a better quality curling spray or mousse. You can get the right texture by using these on either wet or dry hair to make those curls. Also, as an added tip, don’t forget to invest in a good finishing spray. If you choose one that is specifically for curly hair and your hair is straight, you will actually be giving your hair the extra support it will need to hold curls.


3 – Fried Hair Won’t Curl, Period


Without scolding you, we must remind you that damaged hair is never, ever going to hold curls. For example, the curls will look random and messy if your hair happens to be frizzy or contains many split ends. Don’t forget to protect your hair when curling with a heat protectant spray or cream. This will help to keep your beautiful locks from getting burned and damaged.


4 – You Will Still Need Setting Spray


Even if you don’t think so, a good setting spray is your secret weapon. What it basically does is lock those curls in place. Read that last line again. Lock and load with a setting spray.


    5 – Choose Your Curling Tool Carefully


    One of the most crucial points to note in how to make curls last is the tool you use to create those curls. Yes, the curling iron has a name that suggests it would be able to provide curling activity. However, you may find better results by using a flat iron instead. Here are a couple of reasons:


    Reason 1 – The Age Of The Curling Iron Can Be Damaging


    Simply put, older curling irons are not ceramic plated. What that means is that you could end up causing more harm than good because of potential heat damage. We already know that damaged hair doesn’t curl very well. It won’t curl at all so avoid this situation.


    Reason 2 – The Specific Design Of A Flat Iron Will Get You Those Curls


    A flat iron with the sides that are rounded off is very likely the best design out there for curling hair. Plus, curls created with a flat iron not only hold better, they will last longer.


    6 – You Can Still Curl Flat/Limp Hair


    If your hair is what you would describe as flat or limp or a combination of the two, you can still get some awesome curls in place but you won’t be using either a curling iron or flat iron to do so. Your weapon of choice is hot curlers. Just set them in, do your makeup and you’ll be ready.


    7 – The Heat You Should Feel Is During Your Date Not While Curling Your Hair


    We’ve mentioned the need for heat protection while curling but did you know you can still curl hair without heat? Just braid your washed hair and sleep with it like that. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll discover that the hair curling fairy had visited and left behind some curls.


    8 – Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Hair Spray


    After your hair has been curled, give it a final shot of hair spray. This will give everything added hold and will hold curls all day. 

    We've found these two from products to be extremely effective on the Afro Blow Out hair extensions:


    In Conclusion

    So, there you have it. The magic bullet answer and handy tips on how to make curls last. Yes, it will take some preparation and a slight investment on your part for the quality products required to make magic. However, the end result will be worth the effort and you may just win the heart of the cute guy. Or at least the heart of someone you encounter on your date at the very least!

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