December 14, 2020


Have you ever wondered why every time you leave a salon, your hair always seems vibrant, full of life, and volume? Have you ever questioned why it is when you apply the same salon products at home you cannot replicate the same effect?


We’re also wondering the same thing and in today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the common mistakes that we do that are affecting the health of our hair.


Before we go into details, let’s talk about one of the crucial components first - conditioners. When we talk about hair care, conditioners are often brought into the conversation but how much do we know about this product? How much do we know about its effects? Most would say they only know that it has to be applied but doesn’t have any idea about the “why” and “how much” for it to be effective.


No. 1 Mistake: You are not aware of what conditioner does 

If you already don’t know, conditioners are applied to restore lost hydration in one’s hair, particularly towards the tips or ends of the hair shaft. Our hair is often exposed to the harshness of the elements. It offers protection for our scalp and this absorbs much of the damage from the heat of the sun, dust, and other elements. This causes dryness, brittleness, and frizzy hair. Conditioners restore the lost hydration to your hair to make it smooth and healthy.


No. 2 Mistake: You are not applying it correctly

If you’re the type who is applying conditioners from the roots, we don’t blame you. Logically speaking if you apply it in the roots, it’s most likely absorbed and distributed to the tips, right? Well, that’s partially true but the correct way of doing it is to apply it in the midsection of your hair towards the tips because this is where it’s needed the most. Applying it to the roots will only make your hair look flatter and possibly greasier if it's straight.


No. 3 Mistake: You're using too much of it

So now that you’ve discovered the wonders of conditioners, you may be inclined to use it too much, too often. This is also detrimental to the health of your hair. Use conditioner sparingly as the goal is for your hair to be nourished without it appearing flat or weighed down.


Another way to help your hair absorb the effects of conditioner is to try deep conditioning. Using the power of steam or moist heat, the conditioner can penetrate your hair better. This heat cap is an effective way to enjoy the benefits of deep conditioning.

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