January 04, 2019

Frontal or closure? How should I complete my weave or wig hairstyle?


1. Once you have chosen the hair texture you want...


Woman wearing 18" straight Brazilian hair extensions Woman with 18" body wave Brazilian hair extensionsWoman with 14" deep wave Brazialian hair extensions Woman with 14" kinky curly Brazilian hair extensionsWoman with 18" afro blow-out Brazilian hair extensions

...we have Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Kinky Curly, Afro Curly or Afro Blow-Out Brazilian hair extensions in stock now


2. And thought about what parting style you'd prefer...

Kinky curly Brazilian hair closure with middle parting     Straight Brazilian hair closure with three way parting      Afro blow-out Brazilian hair frontal with freestyle parting

 ...we have Middle Parting, Three-Way Parting (allowing middle and left- or right-side partings) or Freestyle / No-Parting Brazilian hair extension styles in stock now


3. Choose whether you want a leave out vs closure vs frontal to complete your hairstyle.


A Leave Out is where you leave a portion of your hair out at the front of your head so that you can cover and blend with hair extension bundles that have been sewn-in

  • Benefit: Most natural looking hairstyles possible as you’re blending your hair with the weave so the extension joint is not visible but your real hairline is (for a complete hairstyle you will need 3 bundles)
  • Great for you if... you tend to wear your hair down or in a low ponytail + you’re happy to style your leave out to ensure it blends with the extensions at all times, we’d consider this to be a medium maintenance style
  • Tip: Be sure to use hair texture and hair colours that you can match with your natural hair once styled


A Closure is a 4”x4” piece of hair that covers part of your hairline, usually around the parting

18" Body Wave Brazilian hair lace closure     16" Afro Curly Brazilian hair lace closure    20" afro blow-out Brazilian hair lace closure

  • Benefit: closures offer a low maintenance protective styling solution; closures eliminate any styling required for your natural hair and they are so easy to wear that even beginners to weaves or wigs can wear closures with ease (for a complete hairstyle you will need 3 bundles to accompany your closure)
  • Great for you if... you tend to wear your hair down or in a low ponytail + want a low maintenance fabulous looking protective style
  • Tip: do not use glue to secure your closure, simply sew it in with your weave, get a closure wig or have a closure wig made to enjoy the lowest maintenance, great looking, premium quality protective styling


A Frontal is a 13”x4” piece of hair that covers the length of your hairline at the front of the head, from ear to ear
    16" body wave Brazilian hair frontal     16" Kinky Curly Brazilian hair lace frontal    16" deep wave Brazilian hair frontal
      • Benefit: frontals allow a natural looking hairline with baby hairs while fully protecting your natural hair. Choosing a frontal will also allow you to cut down on the amount of time it takes to install your hair extensions by 30%* and you’ll need to use less hair bundles (for a complete hairstyle you will need 2 to 2.5 bundles to accompany your frontal)
      • Great for you if... you’re a wig connoisseur and want more flexibility when styling low ponytails, or you want to be creative with styling around the hairline by adding braids or flat twists for example. You should be comfortable with wearing frontals or doing hair as frontals are high maintenance in all honesty
      • Tip: you may want to cut the frontal to 11” or 12” to sit more comfortably between your ears, get your frontal adjusted every 2-3 weeks if you have sewn into your hair as it will begin to look unnatural as it will rise your hair grows
      A 360° Frontal is a 4” section of hair that wraps around the head covering your entire hairline
      Straight Brazilian hair 360 frontal                     Straight Brazilian hair 360 frontal                    Straight Brazilian hair 360 frontal

      • Benefit: 360 frontals allow for the most versatile styling including high ponytails and up-dos, you can create partings anywhere and style anywhere along the hairline. The 360 lace band is breathable which enables more ventilation to access your scalp compared with sewn-in hair tracks. Less bundles are required (2 bundles for a full head vs. 3 bundles with a closure style) so styling takes 50%* the time compared with closure installation.
      • Great for you if... you’re planning on wearing all the various hairstyles you can think of though like the standard 13”x4” frontal the 360 frontal is high maintenance so make sure you’re ready to look after the hair
      • Tip: be sure to adjust the 360 frontal so it fits comfortably, they usually come with an adjustment strap


        So now you have a better idea of the benefits of a closure vs frontal.

        If you still need some assistance contact us via the Message Us button at the bottom right hand side of the page, or use the Contact Us form – we’re happy to give our advice any time!


        Luxeriva Product Range

        Luxeriva sells 4”x4” closures and 13”x4” frontals. All our closures and frontals are made using a fine lace base so that the base is hardly visible and the closures lay relatively flat on your head.

        We do not currently offer 360 frontals via the website but will do in the near future, please contact us directly if you’d like us to provide a premium 360 frontal for you in the mean time and we’d be more than happy to, just add 20% to the cost of 13”x4” frontals.


        Lace Frontal or Closure Tips:

        1. Use foundation to match colour of the lace to your skin tone
        2. You can make the hairline of the frontal or closure look very natural by plucking the hairline slightly if you feel the hair is too dense when you first try on the frontal or closure
        3. Wash your lace frontal or closure regularly especially if you use wig glues as this will build up on the material
        4. When styling do not apply heat directly onto the lace base of your closure or frontal to avoid damage


        Question for you...

        Are there any other frontal or closure product variants you'd like us to stock?



        *Time comparison is versus sewing in bundles and a closure

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