September 30, 2017

There are a few products we’ve come across over the years whose fragrances have always earned us great compliments, and in our opinion the scents are still irresistible so we wanted to share a short list with you but also get your suggestions for other great smelling products we can all try out on our bodies, hair and human hair extensions.


1. Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner. Now. This conditioner smells so GREAT that we’ve have made leave-in conditioners from it (this was before Organix started to do leave-in conditioners and now even though they have added leave-ins to their range, some of us still do this!). It just smells so amazing, the fragrance is long lasting and you’ll be confident of your fresh tresses. Warning: you may find yourself whipping your Brazilian curly hair for no reason to bless everyone around you with the scent, you don’t even really need to move – a slight gust of wind will leave them grateful for your presence. You can find Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner in your local beauty supply store and online at Amazon.


2. Moroccanoil Hair Treatment. For those that know, you know, but if you have never tried this product before let us assure you that the fragrance alone makes this worth a try. Get some of the oil onto any exposed cornrows and scalp under your weave to ensure that your real hair stays moisturised, fragrant and soft. This product has a delightful scent derived from argan oil. It can be a pricey product but is genuinely worth it due to the uniquely sublime fragrance and affect on hair softness and conditioning. You can also use this on the ends of your Luxeriva human hair extensions to keep them conditioned, moisturised and smooth so as to minimise damage through day-to-day wear and tear. Feel free to gauge how much of this oil to use however as you wouldn’t want to douse your weave in the oil... a greasy overpoweringly fragranced mane is not the aim here. This treatment oil is great for both Brazilian hair maintenance and Peruvian hair maintenance, especially for hair frontals and closures that are quite delicate (check out some other great oils we recommend for human hair maintenance). You can find Moroccanoil on Amazon also. 


3. Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume Spray. This hair perfume has the nostalgic smell of candy floss (cotton candy) and works well by itself but can also add a sweet layer onto other fragrances you are wearing. Pink Sugar is a blend of vanilla and caramel and we usually just walk into a mist of the spray to let the fragrance lightly coat our hair. So regardless of whether you choose Brazilian or Peruvian human hair weave be sure to rock Pink Sugar - get your bottle on Amazon now.


4. Pure Oud Perfume Oil. This really packs a punch when it comes to fragrance. Just a drop of the oil is needed on the back of an earlobe or the inner side of the wrist for a rich and beautiful scent that will last hours and release its scent as your body releases heat. One or two drops on finger tips and then hair strands does wonders, trust us. Maybe avoid using on the ends of hair as it could dry these areas but it should be fine along the shaft every now and again. And please use sparingly as it’s really concentrated. There are so many variants of oud, so if you can pop into an Arabic store make sure you try some out before making a purchase as the scents can vary quite a bit and we all have different preferences, we like Arabian Oud. Oud oil comes in very small volumes but last a long time because they are so concentrated.


5. Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Spray. It’s supposed to be a conditioning spray – to be honest we just like the fragrance, not sure we’ve noted any conditioning, but it also added a much needed extra injection of moisture to our hair – just use sparingly as the fragrance is quite strong. We’ve bought this from Boots in the UK as they sometimes have an offer on but if you don’t have time to get around to it, or are not UK based then get it on Amazon.


So there you have it. Five different product types containing our top hair fragrances that have given us pleasure over the years – what are your go-to products for great smelling hair?


Remember: don’t forget the following useful tips to keep your human hair extensions looking and smelling fresh:

  • Wrap hair at night with silk scarf to avoid having to start from scratch with styling the next day and to prevent split ends and tangling
  • Minimise heat styling but if necessary apply heat protector when heat styling and while on the topic of heat, ceramic flat irons reduce damage vs. Metal plate ones
  • Condition your hair with a product that does not build up and leave a residue! This could very quickly become a source for a less than pleasant aroma.
  • When drying wet hair consider using a hooded dryer to ensure that the braids underneath your weave are completely dry. There’s no point trying to layer on any of our recommended fragranced products to hide the smell of dampness, and if you do please don’t attribute the end result to us if anyone asks!




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