Latest Accessories for Styling and Maintaining Black Hair

Latest Accessories for Styling and Maintaining Black Hair

November 19, 2017

Whether your hair is relaxed, coloured, natural or transitioning, there are some tools that every woman should have to take better care of her hair. Hair need not be difficult or impossible to maintain, and using the right accessories will enable you to take better care of yours so that you can style it anyway you like. In this post we will talk about the latest trends and accessories in maintaining and styling hair to make sure that every day will be a good hair day.


  1. Butterfly Clamps:

Butterfly clamps will help you section and style your hair comfortably. Each package will contain enough clips to style your hair, whether it’s short or long. These are wide clips that will hold your hair in its place so that doesn’t get tangled while you are styling it. Moreover, they work perfectly for relaxed and straightened hair as they will not leave any marks or dents that will mess up with your hairstyle. They are quite affordable and you can easily get them here.


  1. Hair Caddy:

Styling hair extensions can take some time. You don’t want to have your extensions all tangled up and messy while working on one single at a time. This hair caddy will keep your hair extensions safe, smooth and untangled while you wash, dry, style or colour them, also offering secure storage for when you’re not wearing the extensions, just fix in the caddy and store in a protective bag. It is portable so you can take it wherever you want to with ease. This is a must have if you want to style and store your hair extensions perfectly.


  1. Wig Grip Headband:

This headband will keep your wig in its place and will prevent headaches and other wig related issues. It is made of velvet and will not slip or move, keeping your wig in place all day long. You will not have to use chemicals or glues to keep your wig in place which would certainly be more comfortable and convenient for you. The headband comes in one comfortable size that fits all, and you can easily adjust it for a snug fit that is not too tight. Moreover, it comes in different colours for more discrete wear. If you are looking for the best way to wear your wigs comfortably then this headband is something that you should consider.


  1. Wide-Tooth Comb:

Detangling your hair can sometimes feel like a hard chore. Regardless of whether you have curly or straight hair you want to make sure that you are using reliable tools for hair maintenance to avoid breakage and split ends. This wide-tooth comb is all natural, smells great and is anti-static unlike plastic combs so keeps your human hair extensions looking great for longer. It is also great for use on your natural hair as it will massage your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Moreover, it is budget-friendly!


  1. Wig Hanger:

You need to wash your wigs on a regular basis to make sure that they are always in top condition. However, waiting for your wigs to dry can be frustrating especially if you don’t know where to hang them to dry beautifully. This wig hanger can be used to drip dry your wigs in the shower or over the sink to avoid mess. The special W design will allow for better air circulation without occupying much space.


Understanding the needs of your hair and choosing the right tools and accessories will allow you to take better care of it. You don’t have to spend a fortune on unnecessary tools either, just pick the right ones and you will always be able to get the hair style you’re aiming for.

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Clip-in extensions are a great way to boost the volume of your hair.

You can add clip-ins to canerowed hair but then the final result will be a thinner look (unless you use 2 packs). For the most voluminous style it's best to add 1 clip-in pack to your loose hair, canerowing or twisting away any hair that adds to much bulk (is there such a thing?!) to the style. 

Suggested install pattern: place longer widths at back and across crown of head, wit shorter widths blended into hair at the front of your head. Use your natural hair to cover the tracks


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