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7 Ways to Curl Hair Extensions Without Heat

April 03, 2018

Are you over-using your hair curler to get the right curls every time you leave the house? It might sound a little surprising, but you can achieve beautifully defined curls without the use of any heat. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The hot hair styling tools can be really harsh on your hair and cause damage over time so ditch your hot hair styling tools and go for heat free and natural hair styling!


This post highlights some of the effective ways to get flawless curls without using any heat, let’s take a look!


1. Have you heard of Curlformers?

Get smooth, defined spiral curls every time with this simple tool - just apply to small sections of damp hair and allow to air dry. Be sure to use a curl-defining product before applying the Curlformers to really make the curl hold! Amazon have a great range of Curlformers like this pack these ones for hair up to 16" or up to 22".


    2. Tight Bun


        Are you looking for soft and loose curls to frame your face? Well, you don’t need any heat to acquire the curls that’s for sure. Try tying your hair up on top of your head in a tight bun and leave for around 4 to 5 hours. The moment you loosen the hair it will magically turn into natural-looking gorgeous loose curls. Finish off the look by brushing up gently to give volume and showcase your soft curls girl!


        3. Roll & Pin!

        We here at Luxeriva recently became obsessed with spiral curls. Have you experienced this before? Phases of wanting to achieve and perfect a specific look… Well the hot styling tools will give you the curls no doubt, but once again they are damaging your hair in the long run. This next heat-free method can give you the full length soft curls with a bit more definition. You just need to pin your hair up! Take a section of hair and roll it up to your scalp and then pin it to hold the roll in place. Leave it for a few hours and see the magic.


        4. Use foam rollers (An oldie but a goody!)

        Another variant of this is to use foam rollers or soft rollers like these on Amazon.


        5. Headband Curls

        Perhaps the easiest way to curl hair extensions is with the use of a headband. Whether you believe it or not, you can achieve perfect beach waves and be the envy every woman around – without heat! The best part is that your hair doesn’t get damaged because once again you’re doing this sans heat. This heatless curl method requires you to take a section of hair and tie a headband around it in 1 inch intervals or use multiple smaller hair bands along the length of hair to create kinks in the strands. The effect is best when you leave your hair wrapped around the headband the entire night. The next day you will look no less than a curly queen.


        6. Bantu Knots

        If you want to give your hair evenly distributed smaller, tighter curls you must try out the heatless process of Bantu knotting. You need to make small or mini buns all across your head and leave for a few hours. The best thing would be to leave it overnight with some leave-in conditioner or setting lotion to help define the curls. The next morning when you wake up – Greatness!


        7. Fishtail Braid

        Finally, in case you are fascinated with loose big curls perhaps there is no better method than tying your hair in a fishtail braid and leaving it overnight. It is best if you braid hair that is little wet or damp as it will adapt to the form of the curls better as it dries.


        So, that’s it ladies! The 6 tips mentioned above are some of the most effective heat-free methods to give you beautiful curls without wrecking your Luxeriva hair.

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        Clip-in extensions are a great way to boost the volume of your hair.

        You can add clip-ins to canerowed hair but then the final result will be a thinner look (unless you use 2 packs). For the most voluminous style it's best to add 1 clip-in pack to your loose hair, canerowing or twisting away any hair that adds to much bulk (is there such a thing?!) to the style. 

        Suggested install pattern: place longer widths at back and across crown of head, wit shorter widths blended into hair at the front of your head. Use your natural hair to cover the tracks


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