September 11, 2017


If Monday were a weave it would look like a hot mess. It would be that kind of weave you accidentally purchase on the internet after watching fake YouTube reviewers sing its praises only to find that the hair is crap, most likely not of human origin and smells a bit funny. Even a slight glance at the hair causes it to shed as though it too can’t believe the weekend is over.

Tuesday would be an overly shiny synthetic weave – synthetic is not bad, but this is just obviously plastic and unnatural looking. Some people like that look, the gloss-black-wrapping-on-your-head look. We’re sure they are sadists.

Wednesday brings the acceptance that we are indeed in a new week and back in the swing of things, and everything is starting to look brighter as another weekend nears – kind of like your grade 5A human hair, not too bad really.

Thursday is grade 6A human hair – decent quality, getting better.

Friday is obviously the 7A can handle any style you want type of hair. You feel on top of the world and the day seems to glide by, plus you know you’ve got the weekend ahead of you to do everything you’ve been waiting for, or absolutely nothing at all!

Saturday’s weave is the queen of them all – a Luxeriva 8A #Can’tTouchThis #MCHammerShuffle and shuffle, shoki* and shimmy we shall this night! *Dab* for good measure. You’ll be feeling so beautiful you’ll be saying “Yeah sure, my number is 07777 777 777; oh and please don’t blow your smoke near my luscious hair, thanks.”

Sunday is just the wig cap to be honest, or it’s a head scarf day at most. It’s been a long week and you should feel free to recuperate while preparing for the week ahead; besides now is a great time to show off what you’ve got in your beautiful scarf collection!

Monday’s weave... this again.

Happy woman with beautiful curly human hair

Go on, get your Luxeriva 8A human hair extensions so you can be ever ready to make the most of any day! Time waits for no one and really, what did Monday ever do to you? Let’s start loving Mondays again for the new opportunities they bring! YASSSSSSS it’s Monday!!! 

Comment and share this post if you agree that we should all reclaim Mondays and be our best everyday!


*Shoki is a type of Nigerian dance... but you knew that already right? ;D

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