September 19, 2017

Hair Extension Care Suggestions:


  • Always wash hair extensions prior to the first wear to remove any remnants of the preparation process, a very light shampoo or a good co-wash will suffice 
  • Before installation you may want to seal the edge of the weft with a bonding glue to reduce the chance of shedding – use a black bonding glue to avoid visible white dried glue remnants


Day-to-Day Maintenance and Styling

  • Always detangle hair using a wide-toothed comb or brush whilst it has plenty of leave-in conditioner to help any tangled strands to separate
  • Try to avoid shampoos with sulphates as these strip hair of moisture and will remove natural oils from your scalp
  • Use a conditioner after shampooing and be sure to rinse the conditioner off with cold water to enhance the strength and shine of hair.
  • Use a Luxeriva recommended oil to maintain moisturised tresses.
  • For curly styles spritz the hair with water each morning, using fingers to detangle – then liberally apply a curl defining product of your choice before scrunching hair with your palms to encourage coils to pop!
  • Avoid heat styling, but if you must be sure to use a heat protector spray
  • Braid or Wrap hair that's sewn in before sleeping and cover with a silk scarf, bonnet or use a silk pillow case if you don’t want to cover your head
  • Remove clip-in extensions prior to sleeping to avoid discomfort or hair tangling
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water and protect hair from the elements if damage or detriment (dust, smoke etc.) is probable
  • Always have hair dyed or coloured by a tried and tested hair professional
  • Enjoy your hair!

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