February 01, 2018

We love trying out different styles at a moment’s notice because something caught our eye don’t we? But what about hair damage?

It's true, hair weaves can offer a lot of versatility for Afro and black hair. Whether you want to have longer strands or if you want to allow your hair and scalp a bit of rest to promote growth, weaves can be your best friends.

All you need to do is cornrow your hair in a way that factors in your desired results (for example don’t braid your hairline too tight if you’re trying to let it regenerate!) and simply sew the wefts of hair extensions into the cornrows. This provides a great opportunity to protect your hair from heat damage and harsh chemicals while still achieving your desired look. The versatility of human hair extensions offers a lot of styling options, allowing you to look your best in whatever style you chose every single day. You can dye, curl and straighten them just like you do with your natural hair. However, weave damage can occur if you are not careful about the way your weave is installed.

This is why it is very important to be careful about the type of hair extensions you are using and to be cautious about the way they are installed to ensure your hair will look great even after the weave has been removed.


Spend Some Extra Cash:

This is not the time to get thrifty. Cheap synthetic weaves will look and feel cheap. They can cause scalp irritation which is something some of us just can’t tolerate. You need to make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy retailer who sells high-quality human hair extensions such as Luxeriva, but don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the product reviews our customers have left.

When you first receive new hair extensions be sure to check thoroughly to make sure that they are free of insects that can irritate and infect your hair follicles – this sounds shocking, and I suppose it is, so while Luxeriva hair doesn’t come with freeloading bugs we’ve heard some shocking horror stories from friends and customers who just didn’t know any better.


Go for Sewn-In Weaves, Not Glued Weaves:

Bonded weaves use glue to attach the weaves to the natural hair. This. Is. A. No. Not only is it obvious how this can cause mechanical damage to your natural hair when trying to remove the weave but the composition of the glue means that it also suffocates the hair follicle which will lead to poor hair health due to restricted air supply, and eventually broken damaged hair that will take much more effort to restore.


Don’t Forget About Maintenance:

Even the best sew-in weaves need to be replaced frequently and you should be re-installing your weave every 4 to 6 weeks. This will allow your scalp to breathe comfortably and will give it time to rest. Having your weave installed for too long can damage your hair follicles and prevents you from giving your scalp the direct TLC it needs, which leads to the final point...


Pay Attention to Your Scalp:

It is very important to give your scalp the attention it needs from time to time. Once you have had your weave removed, it is time to deep condition your hair in order to make sure that it revitalised and well prepared for your next style.

One again, it is also very important to pay attention to your natural hair to make sure that it is in perfect condition. Just because you are wearing a weave it doesn’t mean that you can ignore cleaning and maintaining your natural hair. In fact, because your natural hair is covered under the weaves you may actually have to give it more attention.


Weaves can offer a lot of versatility and quick-to-achieve styling options. However you do need to make sure that you are using the best hair extensions and hiring the best stylists to avoid damage to your hair and hairline. Remember that paying attention to and maintaining the quality of hair extensions you use is part of keep your natural hair in great condition.

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