Brand Definition

Brand Definition

August 24, 2017

In the Beginning...

We became excited when we first came across what was to become Luxeriva hair.

During one of our factory visits our sales director discretely (but oh-so-firmly) pulled at, then teased the hair vigorously and finger combed it to gauge the shredding profile... and not a single hair came out of the weft! The factory rep also combed a sample to demonstrate that the hair performs well under everyday treatment though that didn’t compare to the manhandling we had just subjected it to. The hair had a natural healthy-looking shine and lustre that made us all the more confident of the high quality in hand. Each bundle was evenly thick along its length – we knew we’d found great quality virgin hair and just had to share! 

And so we embarked on a journey to create not just another human hair brand, but a lifestyle brand. Luxeriva channels our experiences, our voices and our aspirations into its character so as to inspire, motivate and guide you to achieve your goals while also supplying great quality hair products. We'll liberally share stimulating thoughts like "Maintain your perspective" or "Do You" on our blog and social media (follow us!) because they resonate with us so strongly right now, these have become our daily mantras!

Get perspective with Luxeriva - the straight talking, luxury human hair brand Get perspective with Luxeriva - the straight talking, luxury human hair brand Get perspective with Luxeriva - the straight talking, luxury human hair brand


Luxeriva – What is That?!

Well, it’s a portmanteau. A combined word... it’s a mash-up of *Luxe* and *Riva* and we feel it encompasses the dynamic, high quality, forward-looking focus we wanted to create.

Luxeriva human hair extensions logo descriptor part 1Luxeriva human hair extensions logo Luxeriva human hair extensions logo descriptor part 2

We Stand for Something so We Won’t Fall for Just Anything.
Luxeriva encompasses the high product standards you wish were universal
It offers the type of great quality human hair you recognise on sight
It ignores the humdrum, avoids the naysayers
Because it knows that life is an adventure to be enjoyed, with every nook & cranny explored and every opportunity considered
It’s intentional in its pursuit of excellence
We get it. We know how it should feel
We’d never set you up to fail, affordability is important so we price fairly. We don’t want you to overstretch yourself... because of hair
We’re brand new and full of opportunity
Join the discourse, here @ LXRV!
Do You.

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Clip-in extensions are a great way to boost the volume of your hair.

You can add clip-ins to canerowed hair but then the final result will be a thinner look (unless you use 2 packs). For the most voluminous style it's best to add 1 clip-in pack to your loose hair, canerowing or twisting away any hair that adds to much bulk (is there such a thing?!) to the style. 

Suggested install pattern: place longer widths at back and across crown of head, wit shorter widths blended into hair at the front of your head. Use your natural hair to cover the tracks


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