Peruvian or Brazilian Hair Comparison? This short guide has been created to help you make your choice!

Brazilian or Peruvian Hair Extensions?

October 19, 2017

Looking good sometimes comes at a price but as you know the cost isn’t always financial in nature. Do you feel frustrated when you visit a hair extension store (whether in person or online) and get bombarded with countless varieties? Ever felt like there’s so much to wade through that you don’t know where to begin let alone what the best choice looks like for you? We know the process can be tiresome to say the least.

If you’ve ever had to shop for human hair extensions then we can agree that the decision, particularly when it comes to the best hair human extensions, tends to end between Peruvian or Brazilian hair (this is why we at Luxeriva decided to focus on these two types of hair on our journey become a high quality hair provider!). Even once you’ve narrowed your selection down to just two types it can still be a challenge to finalise your choice because they have a lot of things in common. For example, both Brazilian and Peruvian hair are incredibly easy to style, simple to maintain and look really great.


Human Hair Comparison Chart

Brazilian Hair

Peruvian Hair

Shine & Lustre



Full Bodied / Looks Thick



Natural Looking



Ability to Holds Curls



Easy to Maintain



These incredible similarities may make comparing Peruvian with Brazilian hair senseless but nevertheless, one thing we’ve seen is that it is really important for you to know and understand the difference between Peruvian and Brazilian hair extensions if you are to ever make an informed decision. So, if you are having a headache on whether you should go Peruvian or Brazilian take a look at the simple Peruvian and Brazilian hair comparison table which gives an easy walk-through of the features of the two hair types. Yes, we know – why go the long route and compare the two when we could have just recommended the best extension? To be honest, there was a time where we were all in your shoes having to choose between Brazilian and Peruvian hair and we’ve all been equally as stuck as you are now so feel it’s best to provide as complete an overview as possible and then let you decide!


Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair extensions started being featured by media houses and fashion magazines back in 2010 and now is a favorite among over 40 million women globally.

  • Peruvian hair can be classified as thinner than Brazilian hair though it typically has a coarser texture and as a result blends well with straightened or curled African hair
  • The natural 1B colour of Peruvian hair is a great match for most
  • High quality Peruvian hair has a reputation for its ability to look extremely natural when installed correctly and is known for causing no discomfort at all when worn
  • If you want to go straight but want a bit more volume to your look then Peruvian is the best way to go


Brazilian Hair

The term “Brazilian hair” is almost synonymous with human hair extensions! One of the things we love about Brazilian hair extensions is the simple fact that they are so versatile; you can trim and colour the hair to completely change up your look.

  • Brazilian hair tends to be slightly shinier and silkier than Peruvian hair which makes it incredibly soft
  • Brazilian hair holds and maintains curls extremely well allowing for the creation of some fantastically defined curls!
  • Brazilian hair requires little maintenance, some women use our hair extensions for over 6 months without experiencing a drop in quality and if cared for correctly yours could be used for a year


Making a choice between Peruvian and Brazilian hair may seem tough at first but the information in this post should hopefully have helped in selecting the type of hair that best suits your style and preference!

So what will it be - Brazilian or Peruvian? You will not be disappointed with our amazing products, and if for some reason you're unsatisfied we'll give you your money back!

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35cm 40cm 45cm 50cm




Hair bundles (also referred to as hair wefts) can be sewn directly onto canerowed hair for a more secure attachment. 



Clip-in extensions are a great way to boost the volume of your hair.

For the most voluminous style it's best to add 1 clip-in pack to your loose hair, canerowing or twisting away any hair that adds too much bulk (is there such a thing?!) to the style. You can add clip-ins to canerowed hair but then the final result will be a thinner look (unless you use 2 packs). 

Suggested install pattern: place longer widths at back and across crown of head, with shorter widths blended into hair at the front of your head. Use your natural hair to cover the tracks



When cutting hairline lace leave a few millimetres of lace to blend into your forehead for a more natural finish.

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