Even human hair extensions need oil to maintain sheen and lustre - what hair oils are you using?

Around the World: Luxeriva's Top 7 Healthy Hair Oils

August 30, 2017

Globe-trotting with Luxeriva Human Hair Extensions

As we know, wearing weaves or extensions (whether they are Brazilian, Peruvian or synthetic extensions) is a great way to protect our hair from the elements that help to rob it of moisture such as cold, dry and harsh winter air or summer’s air carrying heat, dust and pollution. Taking care of our natural hair even while in protective styles is essential to hair health and the growth of beautifully thick luscious hair. It can be quite tricky to maintain a moisturising routine and perhaps we’d want to avoid oil as it’s seen as greasy... but much in the same way we’d never be caught dead with ashy elbows we should start ensuring that dry scalp and hidden dull hair is a thing of the past!

Moisture is the key to hair growth and health, so moisturise (or prevent loss of moisture from) your hair and scalp as much as possible under your weave or extensions. Just spritz your scalp with water and then use an oil to seal in the moisture by preventing rapid evaporation. The oils below are also perfect for maintaining your Luxeriva virgin human hair frontal or closure instead of the natural sebum that would have originally conditioned and sealed each hair shaft. Of course, if you want thin straggly strands, split ends and a patchy hairline then pay this list no mind, otherwise – let’s go!


1. Jamaican Castor Oil must top our list because it’s a long standing favourite! We usually use Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil and seriously, Jamaican castor oil = moisture full stop. It’s as though it goes straight into the core of the hair strand, it’s amazing! When applied to your natural hair it aids growth and hair thickening, it’s great for edges that have undergone mechanical damage (i.e. receding hairlines or traction alopecia). So in addition to removing the unnecessary stress on your edges you should start to massage castor oil onto any affected area twice a day to support new growth. For your human hair extensions castor oil will help to create healthy looking, moisturised hair. If you have the plant in your garden and have some time (and energy) on your hands you can even make a batch of this yourself - find out how to make your own castor oil!
Black castor oil is GREAT for moisturising hair!
2. Egyptian Black Seed Oil is said to have many health properties including boosting hair growth due to the natural antihistamines within it. The plant Nigella Sativa produces a seed from which the more commonly named “black seed oil” is derived. This oil helps to balance natural oil (sebum) production and prevents dryness, hair falling and greying. We've tried the Viridian 100% Organic Black Seed Oil and really love how smooth it feels on the scalp, and it’s very readily absorbed into your hair and the human hair extensions. It can also be added to food or taken as a food supplement.

    Black seed oil, an excellent moisturiser for your human hair extensions

     3. Coconut Oil (from surely every tropical location - Nigeria, Ghana, Seychelles, the Caribbean, Sri Lanka... where else shall we stop by?!) has many health properties and can be used all over the body and ingested in food. It smells earthy, lovely and coconutty and is really moisturising. Similar to the castor oil, you can make your own coconut oil at home. But if you feel there are better ways to spend your time then just get some coconut oil online or from your local beauty supply store. Just be sure to select an organic, cold pressed virgin coconut oil for maximum nutrient content – it should be a solid pure white in cooler temperatures or clear in colour if in a liquid state due to warmer climates.

    Luxeriva recommends cold pressed, organic coconut oil for your scalp and hair extensions


    4. Southwest American Jojoba Oil is a light oil that leaves no residue and absorbs readily into the hair cuticle as it’s very similar in structure to the natural sebum that the scalp produces. This means it can hydrate the hair shaft from inside. Jojoba has antibacterial properties and can soothe dry scalp or dandruff, adding shine, elasticity and softness to hair. Go for the unrefined variety – a golden yellow colour and avoid any colourless refined options as these have had most of the nutrients removed. Also apply a few drops to your shampoo to provide a level of protection against drying agents such as sulphates or parabens.

    Hair and skin loves jojoba oil!

     5. Moroccan Argan Oil – high in vitamin E, absorbs easily and is not as greasy as some of the other oils. Known to make hair softer it is an excellent hair conditioner that can improve the appearance of hair – put some argan oil and water in a spray bottle for light and fast everyday application to your scalp. My favourite blend of argan oil has to be the Moroccanoil brand – the fragrance is timeless, it’s simply divine!

    Moroccanoil smells gorgeous in your hair!

     6. Tahitian Monoi Oil is excellent for skin and hair and is light, readily absorbing into hair. We’ve tried a Monoi Oil spray and oil in the Double Beauty Monoi range, and seriously their product smells angelic – it’s so delicate it’s like baby powder, clouds and pure thoughts in a bottle and it’s so good for your hair! So what is Monoi oil? It’s actually a combination of coconut oil and the Tahitian Tiare flower that has been soaked in the coconut oil for over a month.

    Monoi oil - the perfect hair treatment oil!

     7. Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great one as you'll probably have some in the kitchen cupboard and it acts as a great pre-poo treatment

    Olive oil for healthy hair & scalp


    Remember: select extra virgin and cold pressed versions of the oils to minimise the amount of processing, ensuring they have maximum nutrients to be absorbed by your hair and scalp. Also choose 100% organic where possible as it is a no-brainer to avoid harsh chemical fertiliser and pesticide remnants in the beauty products you chose for your human hair care maintenance.

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    Clip-in extensions are a great way to boost the volume of your hair.

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    Suggested install pattern: place longer widths at back and across crown of head, wit shorter widths blended into hair at the front of your head. Use your natural hair to cover the tracks


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