September 15, 2017

We think standing out needn’t be a brash display of “here I am, look at me!” as there is also immense strength in a calm self-assuredness. So be like a pineapple, a purple one... beautifully and uniquely you. Oh, we like pineapples in this office – if we had to be a fruit? Pineapple. What’s our favourite colour? Purple of course, it’s so regal!

Now, back to you. Do you even want to stand out? If so, what does standing out from the crowd mean for you? What is it about you that stands out? Have a think about the two or three things that people have always noticed about you and complimented you for. These are probably your strengths so explore and build on those attributes, be proactive in developing them and you may just change your life if you’re able to use these to your advantage! We’re all unique, each and every one of us and we all have things we’re naturally good at, those unexplainable talents.

Homework assignment one and no, the class isn’t dismissed just yet.

Let’s take a look at “standing out” from an aesthetic, and more specifically from a hair perspective (makes sense, after all you are on and we like to inspire and discuss) as we’ve all heard time and time again that people make first impressions of you based predominantly on what they see. And we’ve noticed that hair seems to be a conversation starter or bonding point, no matter where we are in the world.

For example, one of our team recently completed a work assignment abroad and in India people asked questions about how she achieved the what-must-have-seemed-impossible goddess locs style. Prior to that in Hong Kong she encountered colleagues who not only enquired how she did her hair but were curious as to how she changed it so frequently and so drastically not realising that she had been wearing hair extensions – how brave of her to cut her gorgeous bra-length curly afro hair down to a sleek, short and sharp bob! One quite bizarre encounter involved a caricature-like woman with spectacles too large for her head going as far as to reach out to touch her hair... fingers making contact before she could compute what was happening. Yay. There were also two separate instances when men mentioned they used to have hair like hers in an attempt to be friendly by establishing common ground – she was wearing a kinky twist style both times so was slightly intrigued by what was meant. For me in London it’s the quality of my hair, the volume or the boldness of a new colour that catches people’s eye.

While hairstyles don’t need to (or even intend to) make a statement they often seem to do so. What do people infer about you because of your hair? And where did they learn these meanings? I mean, we know it looks great – we wouldn’t have chosen to style it this way otherwise, but it is just hair... isn’t it?

Whatever the case may be just know that you’ll stand out for the right reasons with our quality human hair extensions – people will look twice in admiration, not perplexed at which one of your family members allowed you to leave the house looking like birds’ nests are in vogue. Be a purple pineapple.

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