LAVA CAP MINI - Kids Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

You may be wondering... do young people really need to deep condition their hair?

First of all, let's be clear - Yes! All hair needs to be nourished and supported, especially following shampooing as this often strips hair of all oils, leaving it feeling dry. And then when you add in environmental factors like cold temperatures, dry air or pollution it's clear that our hair could do with extra support from a good deep conditioning routine.

The Lava Cap MINI helps with deep conditioning children's hair by adding a gentle heat to their wash day conditioning routine.

Young girl wearing a pink Lava Cap heat cap for deep conditioning hair treatments 

How Thermal Hair Deep Conditioning Works

  • Apply a conditioning product to the hair - this could be a hair mask, conditioner, treatment oil or natural oils
  • Apply heat cap or steamer over hair
  • The gentle heat helps the hair shaft absorb moisture & helps to ensure product is evenly distributed throughout hair
  • The gentle heat also stimulates blood flow in the scalp, which is great for healthy hair growth

 Simple infographic detailing how heat impacts the scalp & hair growth


Benefits of Deep Conditioning Hair

  1. Help to restore hair after and in-between shampoos
  2. Create a focused local growth-conducive environment for hair 
  3. Feels nice and cosy!
  4. Hair finds its own balance so you'll need less and less product to maintain healthy, moisturised hair

Mother & daughter wearing deep conditioning heat cap Lava Cap


How To Use The Flaxseed Thermal Deep Conditioning Cap - Lava Cap Video Demo


Step-by-Step Guide of How To Use Lava Cap

Step by step photo guide of woman showing how to to use the Lava Cap heat cap for deep conditioning
  1. Apply hair treatment or deep conditioner
  2. Place shower cap on hair (optional)
  3. Place conditioning cap flat in microwave and heat for 60-90 seconds in microwave until desired temperature is achieved. Stay at microwave while heating, do not leave unattended. Do not heat for longer than 2 minutes in one go.
  4. You can try flipping the cap every 30 seconds for an even heat
  5. Carefully remove the cap by the edges, allowing it to cool for a minute or so if to prevent burning yourself if hot to the touch
  6. Wear deep conditioning cap & enjoy the at-home spa feel
  7. Reheat once cooled down for longer treatments

 So as you can see, it's simple to use!


Precautions During Use

  • Not for conventional oven heating
  • Do not heat in microwave for more than 2 minutes per time
  • Monitor while in microwave
  • Lava Cap MINI should only be heated by a responsible adult 


It's easy to maintain and it is recommended that a shower cap is worn with each use to minimise it getting dirty.


Cleaning & Care Instructions

  • Never immerse in water or the cap may stop working
  • Spot clean with an damp cloth and mild soap only, and allow to dry naturally
  • Ensure the wearer wears a plastic shower cap with each use to minimise soiling of the Lava cap
  • Store in cotton bag provided when not in use


Product Information:

  • Store at ambient temperature c.25 degrees Celsius

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