Deep conditioning heat cap in the colour Amber Pop with a black Palm Pebble detangling brush

Struggling with dull, lifeless hair?
Hair too dry? Splits? Breakage?

Try this Natural Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Thermal Cap!

> BOOST HAIR HYDRATION. Promotes healthy hair growth by stimulating your scalp. Multiply effects of hydrating masks by bathing your hair in a gentle, moist heat.
> NATURAL WARMTH. Flaxseeds are a great option to safely provide a gentle heat. And unlike other caps, this one isn't filled with toxic chemical gels.
> EASY TO USE. Heat the cap in the microwave for 75 seconds, then enjoy a cosy, gentle heat for up to 30 minutes.
> CORDLESS SO YOU CAN BE MOBILE. Do whatever you want while the Lava Cap does its magic.
> ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Comfortable, stretchy fit that's also great for thick & long hair.
> DURABLE & REUSABLEBuilt for repeated microwave heating. Plus, it keeps its form and elasticity after countless uses.

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At Home Spa Feeling

Enjoy this natural product and treat your hair to a well deserved spa-like pamper session

So that dull and lifeless hair struggle...

You've probably tried many different treatments.
It's so frustrating. Hair moisturisers promise you the wildest things these days...
"Silky smooth hair after the first use, no signs of damage and fresh shine..."

But in reality, your hair only feels smoother for a little time as the effects don't last long.
And while your hair quickly goes back to its current dry norm, you're left wondering - "Why does nothing work for MY hair?"

Here's the solution:
The natural heat stored in the flaxseeds creates a warm and humid environment (like a steamy tropical rainforest on your head!). So all the goodness of your hair product can saturate and deeply moisturise your hair from within - rather than just sitting on the surface.

The result:
You can finally get the wonderful hair every brand promises to you.
When you touch your hair, it'll be silky smooth and have a long-lasting shine.
Basically, you get a DIY salon-quality treatment (at only a fraction of the price).

Sounds too good to be true? Feel the results for yourself...
Give it a try. Let your fingers glide through your soft and beautiful hair.
And if you're not completely happy - use our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Order now for healthy and shiny hair. 

product feature

deep conditioner BOOST

Helps repair damage that leaves hair feeling rough and dry when used with deep conditioners, hair masques, oils or other hair treatments.

product feature


Easy (just pop it into the microwave for 75 seconds) for an even and gentle heat that lasts up to 30 mins. Cosy, and mobile - do what you want while it does its magic

product feature


Reusable cap has supreme memory and retains its form and elasticity after extended usage. Engineered for repeated exposure to microwave heat & wear.

LAVA CAP Natural Flaxseed Thermal Deep Conditioning Booster Kit:

Heat Cap Packaging

"I didn't realise how liberating not being stuck on a corded heat cap felt until I tried this"


"The Lava Cap is really comfortable, it feels so good when it’s warmed up I’ve fallen asleep with it on a couple of times!"


"Using this cap has made a difference, it helps with absorption so I no longer have to spend time working conditioner into my hair"



Find your zen space and order your deep conditioning cap today, orders over £30 eligible for fast, free UK delivery.

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