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Microwavable Deep Conditioning Heat Cap Kit

  • Boosts Hair Hydration. Promotes healthy hair growth by stimulating your scalp. Multiply the effect of hydrating masks or butters by bathing your hair in a gentle, moist heat
  • Natural Warmth. Flaxseeds are a great, natural filling that safely provide a gentle heat. Unlike other caps, this one isn't filled with toxic chemical gels.
  • Easy To Use. Heat the cap in the microwave for 90 seconds & then enjoy a cosy, gentle heat for 15-30 minutes
  • Cordless So You Can Be Mobile. Do whatever you want while the Lava Cap does its magic
  • Durable & Reusable. Built for repeated microwave heating. Plus, it keeps its form and elasticity after countless uses.
  • One-Size-Fits-All. Comfortable, stretchy fit that's also great for thick and long hair

Pamper Your Hair While Doing Something Else!

We're all really busy and can't always commit to spend 30+ minutes chained to a steamer or plug-in heating cap, which is why despite best intentions so many of us fall off our plans to complete regular treatments at home.

The LAVA CAP does not need to be plugged in so you're free to roam about doing things that matter to you while simultaneously treating your hair and stimulating blood flow on your scalp for healthy hair growth!

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Easy To Use

1. Apply Hair Conditioner or Treatment Mask To Your Hair

2. Cover Hair With Shower Cap

3. Pop The LAVA CAP Into The Microwave For 60 Seconds

4. Wear The Cap And Feel The Gentle Heat Radiate Evenly Across Your Scalp For Up To 30 Minutes. Relax, Or Do Whatever You Want While The Cap Does Its Magic

5. Rinse Product Out Of Hair

6. Enjoy Beautifully Soft Hair

Pack Contents

- 1x LAVA CAP Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Thermal Cap
- 1x 100% Organic Muslin Cotton Protective Bag
- 1x Detangling Palm Pebble Brush
- 5x Disposable Shower Caps

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